The purpose of our actions

  • Develop successful B2B2C customer:inside experiences
  • Putting the customer’s benefit at the center of our thoughts and actions
  • Working together in partnership and creating added value
  • Contribute our social skills and create a creative, proactive climate
  • bring together, connect, change and become stronger together
  • reflect and be open to new things without bias
  • Focus on ESG – Efficiency and mindfulness in the use of ecological and economic resources
  • Recognizing, courageously seizing and exploiting opportunities
  • Preserve and create values, across generations

A customized, innovative concept lays the foundation for success. Complex tasks are worked on holistically and solution-oriented in a team of creative partners.

How we work




Complex tasks are part of our daily business. We understand how to systematically and deeply get into the DNA of a project, develop holistic solutions and create real added value through successful collaboration with our customers and partners.

We take into account the individual challenges of each project by defining goals at the beginning, outlining the path and setting the right course as the project progresses.

We bring the right people together, leave well-trodden paths and promote creative stakeholder networking.

Certified in circular economy and sustainability strategies by the University of Cambridge

How we work


We develop projects with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Experienced & Open

We’ve been in business a long time, but we weren’t born yesterday and we’re wide open to new things.

Change angle of view

We break with the status quo, think around corners and love creative concepts.

Work together

We are partners, allies and fellow campaigners – but not yes-men.

Network & connect

We network the right people and cooperate with specialists in various fields

Our portfolio

Project and stakeholder management

From the idea to the strategy to the implementation. Every project follows its own laws, these require different approaches and ways of thinking. An innovative and customized
Concept lays the foundation. Ongoing activity is guided by analytical thinking and fact-based project design, current findings are agilely incorporated into project management
integrated. Creative ideas and solution-oriented action are not empty phrases for us, but are lived in all our projects – as different as they may be.

Tourism and
Leisure Industry

Serving important traditional companies in the premium segment of the tourism and leisure industry is our passion. The marketing on national and international
sales markets is our task. Successful collaboration requires building long-term relationships, partnerships and continuity in cooperation. The use of innovative
Tools for market communication and the creative networking of our partners create real added value.

Early Stage Investments

We shape the future with smart projects. We love innovative teams. We want to make an active contribution to a prosperous, long-term good life on our planet.
perform. We believe that good ideas and ventures can improve people’s lives, be economically successful and environmentally sustainable. That is why we invest in our future and in that of future generations.

Our investments
Our VC Partner

Customers / Partners